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2022 American Association Home Run Derby: 7/11/22 Chicago, IL

It’s been almost 2 months since my last baseball game, and it was great to be on the road again! This was an event I was planning to attend since it was announced, and was one of the most thrilling baseball events I have ever attended. The American Association Of Professional Baseball just hosted their…

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Milwaukee Brewers Vs Washington Nationals: 5/22/2022

Since I was going with friends to Lake Country, we decided to make it a full weekend in the MIlwaukee area, and top it off with a visit to American Family Field. This is my second visit to American Family Field on AP Ballparks, but it’s one of my favorite stadiums to visit, and it’s…

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A Day In Washington DC

It was a very successful day on day 3 of the Washington DC trip. After exploring Alexandria, Nationals Park, and George Washington’s Mount Vernon Mansion, it was finally time to check out all of the big places in Washington DC. In my previous post, I mentioned that I decided to wait until there was a…

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