South Dakota: 2021

This post will be a little different than my other posts, but I wanted to share the trip I’ve been this week. Tonight wraps up an awesome 4 day trip to South Dakota. There was a mix of American History, outdoors, wildlife, and gambling. This was the perfect trip during the pandemic, and a very low price. Where I live, a ticket to South Dakota would be double the price I got it for, because of there being a layover. We didn’t expect to be so burned out the first day, but being 6’5 in a small plane will do that to anyone. I was prepared to be crammed in tight, but not in the smallest plane I’ve sat in for over 10 years. Since that happened, we decided to go see Bear Country USA after relaxing in the room a while. This was perfect because everything was in the car. We were right next to bears, wolves, deer, bison, and mountain lions. We pushed the rest of our plans back to Fri-Sat. While we didn’t have solid plans, we still had some certain things we wanted to do. After getting to go to the water park for free by the hotel, we were ready for Friday. We made up for the time lost on Friday, and went to both Mount Rushmore, and Custer State Park. We picked the perfect time of year, and times of the day to do everything, and it wasn’t very busy. We were up close with a lot of bison at the state park. Saturday, we went to the South Dakota Air And Space Museum. This was an awesome experience that was free admission, and the opportunity to see some awesome planes. After that we took off for Deadwood, which is a very historic town. My grandma suggested going to Deadwood when I asked her about things to do while we were on the trip. We went to a couple more historic museums, and ended the day gambling. There are so many casinos in the town, and we had a blast exploring. I highly recommend this trip to anyone looking to go on a trip for a great price. It has everything from history, to the outdoors with amazing scenery. A lot of things were closed for the season still, but many things were open. I’ll include a lot of photos with this post from the trip. I hope you enjoy them! In Rapid City they have a ballpark I was looking forward to sharing, but it’s under renovation right now.


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