Arkansas Travelers: Little Rock, AR 5/15/2021

Back in the beginning of April, I began planning a weekend trip to Little Rock to visit my friend in the Air Force. Little did we know, this week would be a turning point with the pandemic. When I got the tickets to the game just a few days before the game, there was still a mask mandate at the stadiums. This was lifted just a couple days later. This made the weekend even better because it represented what we knew as normal before 2020. I saw this a little in South Dakota, but not the same way as this. It was time to celebrate, and that’s exactly what we did.

I arrived to Little Rock about an hour before the game started. I had a few minutes to charge my phone and bring my bags into the room, and we went straight to the ballpark. We went by some historic buildings, and could see the state capitol from the distance. If I return to Little Rock, I want to visit the capitol building. Dickey–Stephens Park is an awesome stadium to catch a game. The stadium itself is newer, but there is a lot of rich history in the city. In the ballpark, there is an Arkansas Travelers Baseball Museum that shares all of this history. If you’re in the Little Rock area, I highly recommend going to this ballpark for a great experience! If you have kids, there is a splash pad at the stadium also. Everything was reasonably priced, and they even had Busch Light Talboys.

The game itself was a wild game. I was a little distracted going to get beer and food, but the game was very back and forth. When the Springfield Cardinals had a 4 run lead in the 7th inning, we began to think it was a safe lead. That wasn’t even close to what was about to happen in this game. Walk after walk. HBP after HBP, and the Travelers were suddenly down by 1 run. We chalked it up as a bad outing for that specific pitcher, and knew it would get interesting in the 8th. Once again, we miscalculated how crazy things would get.

The third left handed relief pitcher the cardinals brought in struggled more than the previous relievers. He inherited the bases loaded, and the bases cleared, and reloaded. None of the runs scored on hits. After the Cardinals brought in their 2nd baseman to pitch, the ten run inning was over. I usually won’t post box scores and specifics with games I attend, but I wanted to share the runs compared to hits in this game. I’ll post all of the pictures below this post from this great weekend. Thank you for reading! My next planned game will be in Gary, Indiana on 5/22, so be on the lookout for another post next weekend!


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