5/31/21: No Place Like Home

Baseball is back in my hometown. This was a moment we weren’t sure of for a while, but it’s back. As I’ve mentioned before, our team was one of the contracted teams from MILB, but were back. Opening night was scheduled for Thursday, but Mother Nature said not yet. When I was in Wisconsin, I saw not only was there a game, but it was bark in the park day. This was the perfect opportunity to bring my dog to the stadium. I’ve taken her to another stadium before, but never at home. This was also a chance to take in a game at our home stadium the first time in almost 2 years. It was different on the field, but everything else was still the same great experience for anyone attending a game. I think that everything has fallen into place perfectly, for the hand our town was dealt. Baseball is back at home, and that’s the part that matters the most. Here are a couple pictures from today’s game, including my extremely happy dog, who had the time of her life this weekend.

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