6/4/2021 Clinton Lumberkings Vs Quincy Gems

It was perfect weather for a Friday Night game at home. I was off work a little early, and wanted to check out another game at home. Where I live, going to the game isn’t just something to do in town, but it’s the biggest thing to do in town. I got to the game in the 3rd inning, and never left my seat.

If you’ve never been to a game in this stadium before, it’s a different type of experience from other ballparks. In my schedule this year, there will be a variety of stadiums, but I’m looking forward to bring the unique ones the most. There are some stadiums out there with a lot of rich history. They might not be a top destination on the map, and those are the ones I look forward to sharing the most. This stadium was built in 1937, and was renovated in 2006.

I highly recommend coming to this stadium, along with the other baseball stadiums in Iowa. The Field Of Dreams is located about 1 hr 30 mins away from here. If you enjoy traveling to ballparks, Iowa would be a cost friendly place to see a lot of new ballparks. I’ll share a couple pictures under this post. I didn’t get the best pictures with the netting in front of me this time around.

6/12-6/14 will be a huge weekend of sharing ballparks! I have 3 new stadiums planned for the weekend. It’ll be a mix of baseball, along with a little American History. I’ll be going to the homes of the Normal Cornbelters, Springfield Sliders, and Kane County Cougars. All plans are always weather pending.

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