On This Day: 2015

On this day in 2015, I was one of 27,508 people at Turner Field. This was one of a few games I took in at this beautiful stadium in 2015. This stadium had such a different feeling. It might’ve been the stage of my life I was in at the tine, or the atmosphere of the stadium in general. 2015 was such a big year for me, that was a turning point to where I am today.

Earlier that year, I was in a place where I didn’t know where I belonged in baseball. I wanted to know, and tried to discover it. I moved in with a friend in South Carolina to begin this journey. The Braves were the closest team to where I lived in SC. Atlanta area was also home to where I was working high school baseball games at the time. I can’t remember my exact schedule at the time, but my guess is I didn’t have many games. That’s the only way I had enough energy to take a game in.

There were already tables up talking about the new stadium on the way. I knew that there were only a couple years left at this beautiful place. I was happy to hear that the stadium is still being used. Before stadium creator was a thing, Turner Field was always my first choice in MLB The Show. there are a couple pictures of the stadium, along with the beautiful Atlanta skyline.


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