6/12/21: Normal Cornbelters vs Quincy Gems

I’m excited to share my first post of the weekend. This is my first weekend of traveling to multiple games! I have 3 games on the schedule for this weekend, as long as the weather is good.

Game one was a little different than what I was expecting. I showed up about 30 minutes before the game started, and the gates were just opening at the stadium they call The Corn Crib. I always check out the whole stadium before I sit down, and the layout of the stadium made that easy. When I saw how many seats the stadium had, I began to get a little curious. I did a little research, and realized that the Normal Cornbelters started out part of an independent league. The Corn Crib is also home to a local college team, and a multi purpose field for soccer games. This stadium is just a little over ten years old! With this being my first Prospect League game outside of Clinton, it set a tone that I’m encouraged to see. This league consists of other similar communities to my town, some bigger communities, that we fit right in with. This will more than likely be mentioned again in my next post as well, when I visit another Prospect League Stadium

The game itself was very eventful. It started with a hit by pitch, and I said to myself here we go. It ended up being a 13-7 win by Quincy, and one of their players had 3 hone runs by the 5th inning! Talk about seeing the ball well. This was the same player that hit one out at last Friday’s game also. The game was close to being 3 1/2 hours long with all of the hits/ runs. I took in a lot of peaceful moments, and felt great being in a stadium again.

I recommend this ballpark, and taking in a game if you’re in the Bloomington area, looking for something to do. It’s also a good stadium for catching a game along the way to another stadium. If I travel to this stadium again, it will be to see my hometown team play there. Everything is extremely well priced, and you get your money’s worth. I’ll include a few pictures, and will be back with another post soon! 2 more games on the schedule this weekend!


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