6/14/2021: Springfield, IL: Before The Game

I mentioned in my last post that I recommend The Corn Crib to mix in with a trip to other ballparks. Sunday was the perfect example of that! Sunday I woke up at the hotel, ate lunch, and left for Springfield. The game wasn’t until later in the day, and that was perfect for my plans. There is a lot to do in Springfield, if you haven’t been there before. I’ve been there a couple times, but never had the chance to look around. For those who don’t know, this is where Abraham Lincoln lived before he became president. It’s also where he’s buried.

The first place I went was the Lincoln Tomb. Everything else in Springfield is pretty close together, so I went to what was farther away first. I saw the tomb as a great way they honored his life. There are a lot of his speeches throughout the tomb.

Next, I went to downtown Springfield, and explored a little before stopping. I saw the current state capitol, along with the old capitol building. I didn’t know it until I toured the Abraham Lincoln Museum, but I was standing at where the place where he left Springfield by train, and where his body arrived for his final funeral. I walked to the museum, and learned much more about him. I highly recommend visiting Springfield if you’re able to. There’s so much more to see than what I did, especially in the surrounding area. You can take a weekend trip and see everything that has to do with Abraham Lincoln’s life. I tried to drive by his old home, which was close to downtown, but you can’t drive by it. As always, I’ll include all of the pictures at the bottom of this post. I’ll have a separate post about the baseball game coming soon! It’ll be more about the baseball side of Springfield.


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