6/14/2021: Springfield Sliders vs Normal Cornbelters

When I pulled up to the stadium, I felt like I went back in time. While I’ll be making posts about a variety of stadiums this year, these are the types of stadiums I’m most excited to share with everyone this year. Robin Roberts Stadium originally opened in 1928. Since then, it’s been home to former Minor League teams, and college summer teams. One thing I noticed almost before the game even started, was that these fans are dedicated to their team. Springfield is definitely a baseball city! The cowbells were out, and they were stomping on the floor to the music. One of my favorite things about going to a ballpark, is seeing what the community in that area is like.

The game itself was overall a pretty clean game. Springfield was originally down 3-0, and took a lead in the bottom of the 4th. They never looked back, and won the game 6-4. I’ve done a little research, and while I don’t want to go into too much detail about which stadiums, there are other historic stadiums around Illinois. I highly recommend adding Springfield to the list if you’re in the area. I’m amazed at how well maintained this stadium is, being almost 100 years old. I’ll share the pictures below. Enjoy!


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