6/19/2021: Madison Mallards Vs Fond Du Lac Dock Spiders

This weekend looks a little different compared to last. Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there! After going to 3 games in 3 days, I decided to attend one game this weekend. I made it worth it though, with a great stadium to share with everyone!

I was a little undecided at first if I wanted to go through with driving to Madison. It turned out being a great decision! The first word that came to mind while walking around Warner Park was unique. This stadium was built so much different than any other stadium I’ve ever been to. For those of you that watch me create stadiums on my Twitch streams, this stadium would be 100% impossible to create. It’s the unique features of this stadium that make this post exciting to share!

Let’s start with walking in. You could tell from the start that this would be a great night! There were a lot of people walking in, and it’s just a great thing to see. It’s only been a few weeks since things went back to normal. Above the gates, they had one of the best signs I’ve ever seen at a stadium. It said “welcome to your 9 inning vacation.” I sat in my seat for a while, and started taking a few pictures. I did run a few minutes late this time, so the game was already started. As I’m taking pictures, I realized this ballpark is a lot different than most stadiums. The seating, the layout, and the way it was built is just different, and I loved it!

I was sitting slightly to the right of home plate. There were some big buildings in the outfield areas that I was interested in almost right away. I sat in my seat for a couple innings to catch the game, but I was distracted with my interest in seeing the rest of the stadium. As I walked throughout the stadium, I started to see the layout of the seating was different. There were areas with seats in the front of the sections, then high tables, and bar areas. Just like anywhere in Wisconsin, This was the perfect place to go drinking with friends on a Saturday night.

I would say the most iconic part of this ballpark is called The Duck Blind. From the distance, you see this huge building on the right field corner, that looks like the place to be. I thought it was a special ticketed area, but they let anyone in. I went in the bottom level first, and realized this area is part of the outfield wall. We were standing just a few feet away from the right fielder, at the same point of view as him! Behind me, was a bar with a party going on. This went on for another 3 levels of the building. There were also suites in this building to rent out. I took some nice pictures at the very top, which will be with all of the pictures, at the bottom of this post.

Let’s talk about the actual game itself. This game was moving for the first few innings, and looked like a short night. Things did get back to a normal pace towards the middle, and a few more things going on. Madison was behind the whole game after the second inning. From there, it was all zeroes until the 9th, when Fond Du Lac added a couple insurance runs. I don’t see how the starting pitcher for Fond Du Lac doesn’t get drafted this year, after going 7 innings, throwing 96 mph in his last inning. He was locating his pitches too. Teams like the Braves love drafting a pitcher like him.

I highly recommend going to this stadium. The Northwoods League is always great baseball, and this stadium is one of a kind! They draw a great crowd too, the attendance on the website was over 4,000 people! As always, all of the pictures will be at the bottom of this post. I also got a picture of the Wisconsin State Capitol. Enjoy!


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