Waterloo Bucks Vs Willmar Stingers: 7/3/2021

I’m back with another stadium to share, and this is one of my most favorite stadiums! I’ve been to Riverfront Stadium many times, and it was one of my first replica stadiums I created on MLB The Show. My first game at Riverfront Stadium was back in 2012. From there, I ended up in Waterloo many times, not only to watch games in the stadium, but to work games also. We’ll get more into detail below the YouTube video.

This was my first time at Riverfront Stadium since 2015, and my first Bucks game since 2012. Waterloo has a long history of baseball in the city, and Riverfront Stadium was part of that. The stadium was renovated after the flood in 2008, and it’s a beautiful ballpark.

This game was back and forth for a while, and the Bucks were able to take a commanding lead in the 8th inning. The Bucks are looking strong after clinching a first half playoff spot. After the game, they had the first fireworks show I’ve watched in a couple years at the ballpark, and I shared the grand finale of that in my YouTube video.

One of the biggest attractions in the entire state of Iowa is the Field Of Dreams, especially for baseball fans. If you’re planning a trip to Dyersville, I highly recommend attending a Bucks game while you’re in the area. It is the closest stadium to the Field Of Dreams, and there are a handful of stadiums within a reasonable distance. If you’re a fan of drinking at the game, you’ll definitely enjoy the Budweiser Party Deck. I’ll have that pictured below this post. This is one of my favorite stadiums to go to for a Thirsty Thursday, also.

This upcoming weekend is a big one! I’m very excited to be going to Evansville, and Dubois County. I’ll be sharing those posts as soon as I’m able to make them. These are two classic stadiums featured on A League Of Their Own. If there are any weather issues, I’ll prioritize Evansville. Have a great week everyone!

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