Weekend Of 7/10/21: “A League Of Their Own”

Wow, what a weekend it’s been! I knew this weekend would be a big one, but Mother Nature made sure to make it even more exciting. Saturday started off as an uncertain day. I watched the radar very close, and assumed that Saturday was an all or nothing type of day. It was looking like there would be a gap in the weather, and I was determined to at least get pictures of Bosse Field. A few days prior, I went ahead and booked a hotel, rain or shine, deciding the reward was worth the risk. I’ll go ahead and say that the game rained out on Saturday night, which is why I decided to make one big post instead of two posts. Here’s the YouTube video of the entire weekend, which turned out awesome this time around! (Continued Below The Video.)

As I left home, I realized fast that the entire Midwest was getting hit with a lot of rain again. Twitter was my best friend all day, as I checked to see if the Otters would be playing on Saturday Night. As I got closer to Evansville, they had a post saying everything was still on for the night. Instead of checking into the hotel, I went straight to the ballpark. I knew that even if the game rained out, I could still get some pictures, and maybe even a time lapse. Walking up to the ballpark, I immediately realized that every minute of an almost 7 hour drive was worth it! I walked up to the ticket window, paid only $6 for a ticket, and I started taking pictures right away. I checked the radar again, and saw that there was more rain on the way. The team announced a delay first, but a band of the heavier rain moved south, and was too much for the field to handle. They announced a doubleheader for Sunday, and I though that would be it for the weekend. I was completely wrong.

Being around the game for a long time, you learn how to deal with weather. It’s a big part of the game, so a lot of what ifs come up. I grabbed something to eat, and went through every scenario. Sometimes you make a solid plan that can be completely crushed within ten minutes. I decided to stick around until game time in Evansville, and if it rained out, then I would go to Dubois County to at least get pictures of the stadium from the outside. After that, I planned to head home. I checked into the hotel, and decided to try my gambling luck in Evansville. I also needed to adjust my sleeping schedule, so I’d be ready for a 7 hour drive, late on Sunday.

When I woke up Sunday, it looked like it was pretty bright outside. I checked the radar, and everything seemed to pass through the area already. It was time for a big day! This meant two stadiums in one day. I started out in Evansville at the doubleheader. Evansville plays in the Frontier Leauge which is an independent league/MLB Partner League. Bosse Field is a very special place to take in a game. It’s the third oldest active ballpark by a professional team behind Wrigley Field, and Fenway Park. This stadium was used in the movie A League Of Their Own. It’s everything that someone could ever ask for in a ballpark that’s over 106 years old! Seeing a stadium preserved so well is such a great thing. This stadium has been restored for the modern day game, while preserving it’s rich history. There have been numerous hall of famers that have taken the field at Bosse Field, along with over 100 years of memories for players, coaches, managers, and fans all alike. If you’re a baseball fan of any kind, I consider Bosse Field a place that’s a must see. I put it right up with going to Cooperstown to see the Hall Of Fame.

I was able to catch about 4 innings of game one of the doubleheader. Evansville hit back to back home runs, which I was able to slow down a little on the time lapse, of the YouTube video. Evansville ended up losing both games of the doubleheader, which they originally had the lead. The fans were awesome in Evansville, and they loved watching their team. I figured out in about the 3rd inning of the game, that Dubois County is right on the line for being in eastern time zone.

I hit the road for game two, and headed towards League Stadium in Huntingburg, IN. This stadium was even more amazing to me! This stadium was originally built in 1894. It’s grandstand was restored, but still kept the old look! This is a former Prospect League team, that now plays in the Ohio Valley League. It was a clean game for the most part, and another awesome fan base. They recognized their high school state champion team before the game, and there were a lot of fans at the game. I left in the bottom of the 8th inning to get ready to make the big drive home. I consider both of these stadiums to be must-see stadiums! Besides the casino in Evansville, the other big thing that there is to do, is visit the USS LST-325, which is a ship from World War 2. I wasn’t able to visit the ship, but I would make time for it the next time I’m in the area. As always, I’ll share all of the pictures below from this weekend, that were included in the YouTube video. Feel free to ask questions at any time!

My next trip planned will be 7/24-7/25 in Sioux City, IA, and Sioux Falls, SD for some American Association baseball! I’m looking forward to sharing games from the American Association again, and I’ll be sharing more professional baseball going forward.


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