8/3/21: Clinton’s Last Home Game Of The Regular Season

After a quick day at work, I was able to make it to the last home game. The Prospect League’s regular season ends tomorrow, and the Lumberkings end the season on the road.

It was a perfect August night for a baseball game! We couldn’t have asked for better weather, and there was a great crowd for the game. This game had everything the fans could ask for

The game started out with a 4-3 lead, and Clinton brought in a couple relievers that gave up 6 runs. However, the game was far from over. In the bottom of the 8th, the Lumberkings were able to come back to tie the game. The game ended up going into extra innings, and we had free baseball in our last game.

In the 10th, Clinton gave up an early hit, and a wild pitch to score a run. But yet again, the game was far from over. I feel like this game was a summary of the Clinton’s season this year. This team has been down, but not out. After finishing in last place in the first half, this team finished the second half in first place. I’ll let the videos I took tell the rest of the story. As always, I’ll have some pictures at the bottom of the post. If Clinton makes it into the second round of the playoffs, I’m planning to go to the game on Saturday, and I’ll have the GoPro back with me. I’m playing everything by ear for the next week, for my week off of work.

The tying run scores
The game winning single,

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