Field Of Dreams Game: 8/12/2021 Experience Of A Lifetime

Baseball is, has been, and always will be the greatest game in the world. Last night, it was proven to the entire world. History took place at the Field Of Dreams, and the first MLB game was played in the state of Iowa.

Before I start, if you’re new to the blog, welcome! I started this blog at the beginning of 2021 to show the enjoyment of seeing new stadiums, along with traveling to baseball games. Be sure to check out some of the older posts, that share numerous ballparks! Also, be sure to check out the YouTube video!

When I woke up on 8/12/21, I had no idea if I would be going to the game or not. Tickets were back and forth, and I wanted to see what they would do if I just waited. I hit the road for Dyersville, and had no idea what was in store for the day.

I went ahead and started at the Beyond The Game event, and went to the “If You Build It” exhibit. I usually make it to Dyersville once a year, and the exhibit was new. This was a great place to learn more about the history of the Field Of Dreams. The Beyond The Game event felt like a county fair, and had some great information about farming in one of the tents. As I was constantly pressing refresh on my phone, I decided to wait things out. I’m usually the type of person to have tickets ahead of time, but this game was different. I also took the gamble of the prices going down. Prices were up to almost $2,000 when I was looking. I had a price in mind that I wouldn’t budge on, but I wasn’t ready to leave yet. It was very humid outside, so I was undecided on staying for the watch party. Then, at 6:00, right before the game was about to start, a ticket price dropped to $1100. This was my top number, so I had to decide what to do. I ended up not waiting anymore, and bought the ticket. I only ended up paying about $550 though, due to something personal. Had that thing not happened though, I probably wouldn’t have gone to the game at all.

One thing I would like to say about ticket prices, is that they weren’t unreasonable. If you won the ticket lottery, they were $450. I compared these ticket prices to the World Series prices. Standing room only is usually about $500 for a World Series Game. Leading up to game day, the prices would move up or down, but the day of the game they went up. I always wanted to go see a World Series Game before, but never made it to one. This was a great replacement for any World Series Game. This was an event that many people didn’t want to miss out on.

When I showed up to the game, things were just getting started! I missed the pregame ceremonies, and the flyover, but that was the sacrifice to wait for a ticket. I parked in what used to be a cornfield, and I walked over to the Field Of Dreams. I’ve been there many times, the most recent last November. Besides the Field Of Dreams, Dyersville is known for being the farm toy capital in the world. I was at the National Farm Toy Show, and always visit the baseball field after. I’ve been doing this ever since I was a kid, which is what made this place so special to me.

I was having trouble with finding where to go to the stadium. I saw the construction entrance before, but it was blocked off. I finally found out that the entrance was through the corn. I walked through and went up to my seat. As soon as I got to the top of the stairs, Jose Abreu hit the first MLB home run in Iowa.

The atmosphere was unbelievable right from the start. As the game carried on, you could tell this stadium was a very special place to play baseball in. It almost felt like another movie. The best part, this was all happening in my home state of Iowa! As the game progressed, more home runs were hit, and this game ended up trading the lead in the top of the 9th with 2 outs.

As someone who plays a lot of MLB The Show, I think they will have to change the way the ball flies in that stadium. There’s only one place I’ve seen the ball fly like this out of the yard, and that was in Globe Life Park in Texas (their old stadium.) The biggest factor of being in a corn field, is that there’s so much humidity. That had to be what was causing the ball to fly. I got lucky with taking those videos, because i wanted to record the final out of the game. There was only one issue though, the game didn’t end with a final out recorded. It ended like this:

In my opinion so far, this was the best game I’ve been to. It was unbelievable! I’m not sure if anything can beat that either, because it was in this special place. Walking out of the stadium, I got to see the Field Of Dreams under the lights for the first time. It has a different feeling to it, and felt peaceful, even with all of the people around. I would absolutely love to see MLB make this a yearly game. It puts Iowa on the map, and it’s such an iconic place to play.

As for the baseball side of things, both teams looked good tonight, and just had struggles with their bullpens. I was very surprised to not see Chapman come out of the bullpen, to help get the save. I learned later That he was dealing with an injury.

If they have a Field Of Dreams Game in 2022, I say it’s a must see. It’s a very special place, and in my opinion, would be worth seeing more than a World Series game. Besides the capacity in the stadium, that’s why it’s priced the same as a World Series game. Otherwise, if you’re interested in seeing the Field Of Dreams on a normal day, it’s free to get in! Also, if you’re in the Iowa area looking for a game to watch, I highly recommend seeing the Clinton Lumberkings play. I have some other posts on here of the experience in Clinton.

As always, I’ll leave all of the pictures and videos below. With it being so late, I decided to not travel to Milwaukee until Saturday for the game. Expect another post then! The Milkmen are the defending champions of the American Association, and one of their players is leading the league in home runs.

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