8/14/21: Milwaukee Milkmen Vs Houston Apollos

Before getting started with this post, I would like to post the link from the Field Of Dreams game for anyone who may not have known about it yet. That post can be found at https://apballparks.com/2021/08/13/field-of-dreams-game-8-12-2021-experience-of-a-lifetime/

After a huge day on Thursday, I’m back with another post! It’s great being back on the road again, and seeing more baseball. We’re back with more American Association Baseball, which has been my favorite league to watch this year.

I was really looking forward to this trip earlier in the year, especially since Milwaukee is one of my favorite places to go to. I haven’t been here since 2019, and the Milkmen are a new team. To top everything off, not only are they in first place, but they also have the league leader in home runs. I saw Adam Brett Walker play when he was in Cedar Rapids, but I was looking forward to seeing what he was doing for Milwaukee.

This stadium is almost brand new, and a type of stadium you would see at the AA level. If Minor League Baseball ever had something happen again like last year, this stadium would be completely capable of bringing in an affiliated team, similar to what St Paul did this year. Walking up to the ticket window, I noticed that there were a lot of old shipping containers that were modernized, and used as their store, ticket window, and their outfield bar area even had them. It just kept getting more unique. I started to notice something that I’ve seen before but not at a baseball stadium. They had seating called the golf bay, and it looked just like a bay at Topgolf. I tried to research if they have a mutual owner or somehow sponsored, but I didn’t have any luck finding anything. If anyone reading this knows, please reach out to me in a comment!

The Milkmen were up against the Apollos, who I’ve had a chance to watch a few times this year. In prior posts, I’ve talked about how they are playing their entire season on the road. This game was the complete opposite, compared to the Field Of Dreams game, as it was mostly pitching and defense. It was a very clean game. The Apollos had the lead until the 5th inning, then the Milkmen tied the game. In the 7th, everything changed.

The bases were loaded in the bottom of the 7th, and the Milkmen cleared the bases. I was able to get a video of a clutch hit, yet again! Milwaukee held this lead and ended up winning the game. This is my third game seeing the Apollos this season, and I must say that they’ve stayed in these games very well this season. Like Kane County, I’m really interested in seeing what kind of roster they put together next season, when they have an entire offseason to bring in new players. This league has a lot of players that make it to AA and AAA right out of the American Association, and I think that says a lot when it comes to how well they’ve stayed in some of these games. Their record definitely doesn’t tell the whole story.

This is another great place to visit, if you have never been to Milwaukee before. It’s very cost friendly, and a great alternate if the Brewers are on the road. I’m hoping to be back in Milwaukee for a playoff game in a few weeks. I’ll be in Chicago on Sunday, 8/15 for an afternoon game between the Chicago Dogs vs the Kansas City Monarchs. As always, I’ll have more pictures and videos below. Make sure to check out the YouTube video at the top of the page! There’s a lot of great footage in each video.


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