American Association Baseball 8/15/21: Chicago Dogs Vs Kansas City Monarchs

Before getting started with this post, I would like to post the link from the Field Of Dreams game for anyone who may not have known about it yet. That post can be found at

When I was making my schedule earlier this year, this was a much anticipated stadium to visit. In 2018, I just moved back into the area, and was going to Wrigley Field for a Cubs game on memorial weekend. As I was driving to Wrigley, I saw this brand new stadium in Rosemont right next to Ohare Airport, and it’s been on my radar ever since. Things were busy in the meantime, and Covid happened, but it finally worked out! Make sure to check out the YouTube video below:

2021 has been the perfect year for visiting stadiums in the American Association. For anyone new visiting, this is my first year going to American Association games, and it’s now my favorite league. A lot of changes happened this off season, and I was a little displaced as a baseball fan. I’m looking forward to the playoffs, more games next season, and eventually making it to all of the stadiums.

Impact Field is the perfect stadium for anyone local that doesn’t want to deal with the craziness of going to a Cubs game, and bringing the entire family to a game. It’s the perfect place to go for all of the experiences of a game, without the hassle of going to an MLB game. Like yesterday’s stadium, this stadium is capable of being a mid to high level minor league stadium. There are so many stadiums around the Chicago area, and this is one of the best so far, that I’ve had the chance to see.

The weather was absolutely beautiful all weekend. I’m not sure if I mentioned that in my last post. It felt like early September. A cool breeze is almost unheard of in the middle of August. I was expecting this game to be a close one. The Chicago Dogs are in a close battle with the Milwaukee Milkmen in the standings, and the Kansas City Monarchs are up 10 games in the south division. I’m not too familiar with anyone that plays for the Dogs, but when I saw them today, I noticed that this team was put together very well. I’m familiar with a couple of the players for Kansas City. One of them is Vlad Guerrero’s nephew, and he’s hit the ball very well this season. However, every game is different, especially on a Sunday in the middle of August.

The Dogs had a commanding lead in this game, and a couple mistakes made that lead grow even more. It was a one sided game for the most part, and the Dogs won 11-2. This is a potential matchup for the American Association Finals, depending on how the first couple rounds go on each side. I’m looking forward to seeing how everything plays out. The playoffs should be very exciting this year.

This trip went very well with going to Milwaukee first, then Chicago. If you’re on a weekend trip in the area, it’s also possible to mix in Kane County and Gary. There are also numerous stadiums with the Frontier League in the area. In 2022, there’s also a brand new team coming to the American Association that won’t be too far away from the Milwaukee area.

I’m planning to see the Monarchs again on 8/21. This time, it will be in their home stadium against the first place Milwaukee MIlkmen. Another potential matchup in the finals. This is the time of year when things start to get interesting, and the playoffs never disappoint. The weekend after that, I’ll be going to Globe Life Field, the newest stadium in MLB. As always, all pictures will be below.


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