The Newest MLB Stadium: Texas Rangers Vs Houston Astros 8/27/21

It’s been a big start to the weekend with a visit to the newest MLB stadium in Arlington, TX! This trip was in the works before covid happened, and here we are! I lived in TX for almost 2 years, and went to a ton of Rangers games before. A lot of people ask me who my favorite team is, and while I’m neutral, my first favorite team had to be the Rangers. That all started because my hometown team was affiliated with them. For me, it’s kind of where everything started as a baseball fan. We were fortunate to have a lot of great players that were on the World Series roster in 2010 and 2011. Be sure to check out the video right below this paragraph for more footage from the game!

I personally haven’t really known how to feel about the new stadium. I always thought of Globe Life park as being such an iconic place to see a game, so seeing this brand new stadium right next to it gives a different feeling. At the same time, it would’ve been a very hot Friday night outside. putting a roof on the old stadium would’ve costed more money than building a new one. One thing I’m certain of though, this ballpark is loaded with features and amenities! If you’re a fan of modern ballparks more than historic parks, this is a must see. I see an all star game in the very near future for Arlington. As most people know, Globe Life Field was also the location of the 2020 World Series. I’ll also mention that the Rangers did a great job with making their team’s history known in the new stadium, and moved in with a great plan to share it. There are statues, pictures, and timelines for any baseball fan interested in knowing more about the Rangers during their visit. I personally think that Globe Life Field will be their home longer than their older stadiums. There are a lot of baseball fans that call this Minute Maid Park 2.0. As someone who has been to both stadiums now, I must say that they definitely have their differences. As they might look like a similar build, the inside of the stadiums are what make the biggest difference. It’s like saying two houses are the same because they were built in a similar way.

This game was very interesting from start to finish. The Rangers had a 4-0 lead, and a great performance by their starting pitcher. In the 7th inning, I was moving from the top of the stadium, to a lower section, and the Astros traded the lead with the Rangers. I was able to get a closer view of the game, but missed out on what happened in that short period of time. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a rebuilding Rangers team, but I must say the future looks bright. This team reminded me of what I saw in 2015 when the Braves were rebuilding. They’re just a few pieces and developments away from competing. The main difference, the Rangers don’t have a Freddie Freeman type of player. However, they have plenty of years to develop this young team, in this young stadium. I highly recommend Texas Live also, but expect to spend a little extra money for beer/food. The Baseballism store is awesome, as always, and unique to it’s location. The team store in Texas was one of the best in baseball before, and they brought it to the new stadium. One thought I had during this game, was maybe the Rangers could host an exhibition game in Globe Life Park every year before the end of spring training. In my opinion, it would be great for baseball time in Texas. As always, I’ll have all of the pictures below, and make sure to check out the YouTube video for the full time lapse. My next post on here will be a surprise, but know that I have something planned for Sunday.


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