Field Of Dreams: November 2021

Over the weekend, I visited one of my favorite places. I mentioned in the Field Of Dreams Game post that I usually visit the Field of Dreams once a year during the National Farm Toy Show. That show was last weekend, and I had a blast getting some Christmas shopping done, and visiting one of the most iconic places in all of baseball. They harvested the corn just a few days ago. When I went to the toy show last year, I was told that I couldn’t take any pictures of the MLB stadium that was in place, for this years game. This year, people could walk up to a temporary fence, and be just a short distance from where Tim Anderson hit the walk off home run. As soon as I drove across the bridge, it instantly brought back all of the great memories from the game. It was a very peaceful setting, and all I could think about was how special it will be again next year! I’m planning to go to the 2022 Field Of Dreams Game! As always, pictures and a video will be below. The Gopro didn’t make the trip this time, so everything is taken with my phone. Enjoy!

Be on the look out for off season posts coming soon! I’ll be live streaming off season episodes on Twitch, and posting them on here.


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