Opening Weekend Game Two: Nashville Predators VS Florida Panthers 4/9/2022

As some of you may have seen, my offseason consisted of going to a lot of hockey games, and it made the baseball offseason go by very fast. Before planning this trip, I almost went to Nashville for the Stadium Series game at the end of February. I decided to wait, and ended up planning my Tennessee trip from last weekend instead. Check out the YouTube video below to see more. Also, make sure to click on the Seat Geek picture below for a discount on your first Seat Geek order!

After a very busy day of driving to Memphis on Friday, my friend Matt and I decided to get some good rest, and get ready for the big day on Saturday. It was a 3 hour drive from Memphis to Nashville, and the game started a little earlier at 5 pm. Once we were all checked into the room, we headed to Bridgestone Arena. My hotel was close to the airport in Nashville, so we decided to take a short Uber ride, and save money on parking. This ended up being a great decision, since we explored Broadway St in Nashville after the game was over. If you’re visiting Nashville and unable to book a hotel room downtown, it’s very reasonable to stay around the airport area. I’ve stayed there numerous times before.

Bridgestone Arena has been a venue I have wanted to visit for a while, and it finally worked out in this trip. It’s home to The Highway on Sirius XM Radio, also. It was also my first time visiting an arena that has an NHL team, but not an NBA team.

Bridgestone Arena

As soon as you enter the arena from the main entrance, there is a team store on the right side, which has a lot of variety in it, but it’s not the main team store. This is located approximately on the opposite side of the arena. The Predators have a lot of variety to choose from, and a great logo/mascot. The pregame show on TV was also in the lobby, as soon as you enter the arena. I didn’t eat at the game, but they had a lot to choose from at the concession stands. Usually at a sporting event, they’ll have 16 oz beer, but at Bridgestone Arena, they offer 25 oz cans. If you’re looking to go to Nashville for a Saturday night out, the perfect place to start would be at a Predators game, as they have a lot of variety to choose from, especially with a 5 pm start time.

Another reason I wanted to go to this game is because both teams have top records in the NHL. The Panthers currently have the second best record in the entire NHL. The game started off with a lot of action. The Panthers were able to score a goal early, and the Predators responded quickly. Shortly after, there was a quick fight.

The Florida Panthers ended up taking the lead, and never looking back. The final score ended up being 4-1, but was only 2-1 in the final 2 minutes of the game. The Predators were forced to pull their goalie, and try to score with an extra attacker. After the game, we ended up exploring Broadway Street in Nashville, and had a great time.

Broadway St Nashville, TN

If you haven’t been to Nashville before, I highly recommend it, and there are a lot of things to do! It used to be the city I would stop at for the night, while driving to Florida. I have also visited a few times to explore the city. There are a lot of things to do, and see. In tomorrow’s post, I’ll be sharing my visit to First Horizon Park in Nashville. Stay tuned to see more baseball stadiums, and other visits throughout the year! As always, I’ll share pictures and videos below this post.

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