Opening Weekend Game Three: Nashville Sounds Vs Durham Bulls 4/10/2022

If I looked like I had no idea how to predict the April weather on Friday, then I looked like a complete genius on Sunday. What a difference two days made! It was the most beautiful day for a baseball game in Nashville, TN, and I was late to the game. Somehow, I misread the schedule by an hour, and ended up arriving in the second inning. However, there was a lot of action to catch. Check out the YouTube video below to see more. Also, make sure to click on the Seat Geek picture below for a discount on your first Seat Geek order!

A Parking Garage View Of First Horizon Park

Ever since deciding that Nashville would be my first choice to stop at while driving to/from Florida, I always wanted to catch a game. Weather, the schedule not lining up, and being too tired from a long drive always made it where I couldn’t make it to a game. This time, I made plans for it. I also learned in 2015, the Sounds opened First Horizon Ballpark in the north part of downtown Nashville. This stadium is a must see, and is one of the best AAA stadiums to catch a game at. The Sounds brought their trademark guitar scoreboard to First Horizon Park, and has a beautiful view of downtown. This stadium was built at the site of a former minor league stadium as well. Parking was easy to find, but was a little difficult to get out of the main parking garage. Part of this was because we were on the top level. However, you could catch a game from the parking garage, and have a great view of the stadium.

The Sounds Win

After getting our tickets, we went in through the right field gate, and the first thing you see is the back of the big guitar scoreboard. This stadium was the place to be on a Sunday afternoon, and a lot of fans were catching the game in the right field corner. we worked our way around behind home plate, and watched 6 innings of great baseball.

Like Friday night in Memphis, (see earlier post) the Bulls took the early lead, and Nashville fought their way back into the game. In the 7th inning, the Sounds were able to put 4 runs across, and hold the lead. It was an exciting comeback, and a lot of great at bats. Like many AAA games, there were some players to watch for in the near future, and some well established MLB names, as well.

Overall, I highly recommend visiting this stadium, and taking some time to explore the city. There are stadiums within driving distance also, that Nashville would be the perfect location to start at. In 2024 there will be a new stadium in Knoxville, TN, and visiting that stadium would fit well with starting in Nashville. There’s also Memphis, that’s only 3 hours away, which is how I planned this trip to Tennessee. There’s also Chattanooga, which is only 2 hours away. There are many different options for trips in the area. However, I recommend taking at least a day to check out one of my favorite cities!

Be sure to check out my future posts, as there will be a lot of new stadiums visited in the near future! My upcoming schedule includes three more trips in April and early May. As always, more pictures will be below this post.


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