George Washington’s Mount Vernon Mansion: 5/11/22

I mentioned in my last post that I did something different besides exploring the city before the Nationals game. This was the perfect thing to do with plenty of time before going to the game! Although there is a lot of walking, there was enough time to go back to the hotel and sit down for a while.

When I was in Tennessee in 2019 for a trip, one of the coolest experiences I had was going to Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage, and seeing the preserved home of a former president, and how people lived a long time ago. In another post on AP Ballparks from 2021, I was able to visit numerous sites with ties to Abraham Lincoln, and his tomb in Springfield, IL before catching a game. Just over a week ago, I had just found out that George Washington’s Mount Vernon Mansion even existed, and it was probably the thing I was most excited to visit at that point. I have never researched anything around the Washington DC/Virginia area, so this was all new to me.

George Washington’s Mount Vernon Mansion is located about 30 minutes from Washington DC, and is the perfect place to visit for about 2-3 hours. There is a lot of walking on this visit, and there are a lot of things to see. I also recommend going some research on Mount Vernon, as I’ve learned a lot after my visit. This is also where the Washington Family Tomb is located. It’s always amazed me how places this old are able to be maintained for visitors to see, and how they’re able to arrange the furniture and everything to the most accurate arrangement they’re able to find in history. The tour guides were very open about all of this in every room of the house, and they would say if they weren’t sure what a specific room was used for at the time. There are also buildings outside that were rebuilt as accurate as possible. At the time of this post, it’s $28 a person to get into the grounds, and it’s also highly recommended to schedule the tour ahead of time. It is about a 5-10 minute walk to the mansion from the entrance, so I recommend scheduling it with a little extra time. The time slots are limited with the capacity of the house. As always I’ll share my pictures below this post! Stay tuned for another Washington DC post, along with more baseball stadium posts coming up within the next week.


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