A Day In Washington DC

It was a very successful day on day 3 of the Washington DC trip. After exploring Alexandria, Nationals Park, and George Washington’s Mount Vernon Mansion, it was finally time to check out all of the big places in Washington DC.

In my previous post, I mentioned that I decided to wait until there was a full day to check out all of the sites in Washington DC that I was able to make it to in one day. If I had the option, I would’ve spent one more day of exploring, but it was still very successful, and I was able to see the main places that are must see places. I highly recommend exploring DC with an entire day available, and not on a tight schedule, if possible.

When I was looking at the map, I decided that it would be the most efficient to start at one side, and go towards the capitol. Since the city is more spread out than I thought, I realized that it was necessary to drive to most of the places.

I walked from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument, and it was about a 20 minute walk each way. From there, I parked the car near the rest of the sites. There are also tour busses, and other ways to tour the city. However, I decided to go at my own pace.

I consider Washington DC a must see place, and there is something for everyone to see in the city. If you’re planning a baseball trip, I highly recommend taking a couple of extra days to explore the city, especially if you have extra time in between ballparks. As always, I’ll share more pictures below, thank you for visiting! I’ll be sharing more baseball stadiums in my next posts, along with a hockey game.


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