Milwaukee Brewers Vs Washington Nationals: 5/22/2022

Since I was going with friends to Lake Country, we decided to make it a full weekend in the MIlwaukee area, and top it off with a visit to American Family Field. This is my second visit to American Family Field on AP Ballparks, but it’s one of my favorite stadiums to visit, and it’s close to home. This was also another chance to watch Juan Soto and the Washington Nationals for the second time in two weeks.

The nice thing about American Family Field is that if you’re planning to go to this stadium, you never have to worry about the game being a rainout. The weather was a little cooler in Lake Country for a Saturday night game, but on Sunday afternoon, it was perfect weather for the roof to be open for a day game!

Getting to a day game after a traveling to a Saturday night game is always a little difficult for me, especially when I have to get ready to hit the road right after the game. We made it just a few minutes into the game, and unfortunately missed the fly over during the national anthem. It was military appreciation weekend, and the teams were wearing camo hats throughout the weekend. There were also promotions between innings, and recognition for local military members.

There are multiple options for getting to a Brewers game. I prefer driving to the game, and paying to park. Since I consider this the biggest place to tailgate in baseball, I love being around the environment before the game. I recommend clicking here to check out this YouTube link to see the tailgating environment in Milwaukee before a playoff game last season. However, if you’re staying in downtown Milwaukee, there are shuttles from local bars to and from the game, that are a lot easier to use. I’m not sure on the cost of the shuttles.

The Sausage Race At American Family Field

This game was a tough one for Milwaukee. Freddy Peralta was on the mound, and suffered a shoulder injury that will cause him to miss significant time. The Nationals have a very good lineup in the middle of the order, along with some players in the bottom of their order that can be a great impact in the lineup. The Nationals had a 4-0 when the injury happened, and they never looked back. The final score ended up being 8-2, and the Nationals are 2-0 on the season when I’ve been at their games. My brother and I had a great streak of attending crazy low scoring extra inning MLB games before this, but that streak was broken. While every stadium has their traditions, one that I have never seen was Bernie going down the slide, after the Brewers hit a home run. I finally was able to witness it for the first time at this game.

I consider American Family Field a must visit stadium, and there are numerous stadiums in the surrounding area to visit. It’s also a little over an hour away from Chicago, where there are also a lot of stadiums to visit. A few of those stadiums can be found on this website. Thank you for visiting! As always, I’ll have more pictures below this post.


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