2022 MILB At The Field Of Dreams: Davenport Blue Sox Vs Cedar Rapids Bunnies

After attending the first game ever at The Field Of Dreams, it was a very high priority to make it back for another game. However, an announcement was made earlier in the year that there would be a Minor League Baseball game played at The Field Of Dreams, and I couldn’t wait to attend this historic game! This matchup featuring the Davenport Blue Sox (Quad Cities River Bandits) and Cedar Rapids Bunnies (Kernels) is always a special matchup to me. When I was in a different position in baseball, their home stadiums were the first ones I traveled to for road games, and I used to live in both cities. This game also featured both of the High A Central teams that were in the 2021 finals, which is in a previous post at this link.

I have been very fortunate to be able to attend both the first MLB game, and the first MILB game at the Field Of Dreams, and it’s safe to say that the same special experience is very similar from both games. If anyone has read my post about my 2021 experience, the process of getting tickets to the game was much different for this event. I was fortunate enough to win the ticket lottery, and get tickets right behind home plate. Since things worked out so well, I was able to bring a group of 4 to the game, which made this experience even better to share it with them.

When attending a game at the Field Of Dreams, it’s highly recommended to arrive early and experience everything going on at the original field, even if you have already been there before. There are a lot of events to take part in, there was free sweet corn, and the opportunity to have a catch. I also highly recommend exploring Dyersville, as there are a lot of things to do, especially during the Field Of Dreams events. Dyersville is also home to the National Farm Toy Show in November and June, which is one of my favorite events to attend every year.

As we walked through the center field corn to get into the stadium, batting practice was still going on. After a very hot weekend outside, we couldn’t have asked for better weather in the middle of August. It was the perfect time to be in that peaceful atmosphere with perfect weather. Before the teams were introduced, I could tell that this would be a very successful night. Everything was perfect.

Things got off to a fast start for Davenport in the 1st inning as they put up a 2 run home run. The pitcher, Chandler Champlain was dominant in just his second start since coming over from the Andrew Benintendi trade to the Yankees. From there, they never looked back as they added to their lead in the 3rd, and won the game by a final of 7-2.

This game featured eight of the 30 top prospects in all of baseball, combined between both teams. It was an amazing experience watching everyone compete in a very special environment. If you’re considering going to either a MLB or MILB game at this stadium, I recommend it more than attending a playoff game. While an experience may never be like the very first game, it still brings the same atmosphere, no matter what level of baseball is being played at this stadium. The Field Of Dreams brings a World Series atmosphere to baseball in the regular season, and it’s a very special thing to watch. As always, I’ll have more pictures below this post, and make sure to check out the YouTube video at the top of this page to see all of my photos and videos from this amazing experience!


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