2022 MILB At The Field Of Dreams: Davenport Blue Sox Vs Cedar Rapids Bunnies

After attending the first game ever at The Field Of Dreams, it was a very high priority to make it back for another game. However, an announcement was made earlier in the year that there would be a Minor League Baseball game played at The Field Of Dreams, and I couldn’t wait to attend thisContinue reading “2022 MILB At The Field Of Dreams: Davenport Blue Sox Vs Cedar Rapids Bunnies”

2022 American Association Home Run Derby: 7/11/22 Chicago, IL

It’s been almost 2 months since my last baseball game, and it was great to be on the road again! This was an event I was planning to attend since it was announced, and was one of the most thrilling baseball events I have ever attended. The American Association Of Professional Baseball just hosted theirContinue reading “2022 American Association Home Run Derby: 7/11/22 Chicago, IL”

Milwaukee Brewers Vs Washington Nationals: 5/22/2022

Since I was going with friends to Lake Country, we decided to make it a full weekend in the MIlwaukee area, and top it off with a visit to American Family Field. This is my second visit to American Family Field on AP Ballparks, but it’s one of my favorite stadiums to visit, and it’sContinue reading “Milwaukee Brewers Vs Washington Nationals: 5/22/2022”

The Second Home Game Ever At Wisconsin Brewing Co Park: Lake Country Dockhounds Vs Winnipeg Goldeyes 5/21/2022

The time has finally come for one of my most anticipated games of the season! The Lake Country Dockhounds are the newest team in the American Association, and their first ever home series was just played against the Winnipeg Goldeyes. Since I had to work on Friday, I planned on going to their second homeContinue reading “The Second Home Game Ever At Wisconsin Brewing Co Park: Lake Country Dockhounds Vs Winnipeg Goldeyes 5/21/2022”

A Day In Washington DC

It was a very successful day on day 3 of the Washington DC trip. After exploring Alexandria, Nationals Park, and George Washington’s Mount Vernon Mansion, it was finally time to check out all of the big places in Washington DC. In my previous post, I mentioned that I decided to wait until there was aContinue reading “A Day In Washington DC”

George Washington’s Mount Vernon Mansion: 5/11/22

I mentioned in my last post that I did something different besides exploring the city before the Nationals game. This was the perfect thing to do with plenty of time before going to the game! Although there is a lot of walking, there was enough time to go back to the hotel and sit downContinue reading “George Washington’s Mount Vernon Mansion: 5/11/22”

5/11/22: Washington Nationals Vs New York Mets

Another new MLB ballpark has been checked off for me, and my trip to Washington DC was a very successful one! I’ll be sharing more content throughout the next couple of days from the trip, so stay tuned for more. I’ll also be going to two more games this weekend, and bringing a brand newContinue reading “5/11/22: Washington Nationals Vs New York Mets”

“Bull Durham” Durham Bulls Vs Memphis Redbirds: 5/1/22

Game 2 of my weekend in North Carolina was spent at one of the Cities I’ve always wanted to see. The movie Bull Durham was known for being one of the biggest impacts on the minor league sports industry, and I finally got the opportunity to see where it was filmed. Since I was stayingContinue reading ““Bull Durham” Durham Bulls Vs Memphis Redbirds: 5/1/22″

Atlantic League Baseball: Gastonia Honey Hunters Vs Staten Island Ferryhawks 4/30/2022

After a couple of weeks, I’m back with another weekend full of baseball! This time, it’s the second week of Atlantic League Baseball. After realizing that the Charlotte Knights were playing earlier in the day, I needed to make a quick adjustment to the schedule. I looked around for a few days, and nothing seemedContinue reading “Atlantic League Baseball: Gastonia Honey Hunters Vs Staten Island Ferryhawks 4/30/2022”

Iowa Heartlanders Vs Allen Americans: 4/15/2021

As some of you may know, I spent a lot of time during the baseball off season attending hockey games, especially at the Iowa Heartlander’s inaugural season. It was very special being part of a fanbase that was just beginning, and I had a goal of attending one of their games on the road. HoweverContinue reading “Iowa Heartlanders Vs Allen Americans: 4/15/2021”