Texas Rangers Vs Los Angeles Angels: 4/14/2022

Baseball is finally back, and my second trip of the season is here! This time, we’re back in Texas to catch the Texas Rangers vs the Los Angeles Angels. Shohei Ohtani was on the mound, and I was very excited to see the reigning MVP playing in Texas. This is my second time going toContinue reading “Texas Rangers Vs Los Angeles Angels: 4/14/2022”

Opening Weekend Game Three: Nashville Sounds Vs Durham Bulls 4/10/2022

If I looked like I had no idea how to predict the April weather on Friday, then I looked like a complete genius on Sunday. What a difference two days made! It was the most beautiful day for a baseball game in Nashville, TN, and I was late to the game. Somehow, I misread theContinue reading “Opening Weekend Game Three: Nashville Sounds Vs Durham Bulls 4/10/2022”

Opening Weekend Game Two: Nashville Predators VS Florida Panthers 4/9/2022

As some of you may have seen, my offseason consisted of going to a lot of hockey games, and it made the baseball offseason go by very fast. Before planning this trip, I almost went to Nashville for the Stadium Series game at the end of February. I decided to wait, and ended up planningContinue reading “Opening Weekend Game Two: Nashville Predators VS Florida Panthers 4/9/2022”

Opening Weekend Game One: Memphis Redbirds Vs Gwinnett Stripers 4/8/2022

Baseball is back, and the 2022 season is here! With opening day in the MLB being just a day earlier, the season is in full swing. Due to the lockout, I ended up waiting on seeing an opening day game until the 2023 season. However, this helped work things out for even more trips earlyContinue reading “Opening Weekend Game One: Memphis Redbirds Vs Gwinnett Stripers 4/8/2022”

April 2022 Schedule Announcement

The 2022 season is almost here, and I can’t wait to hit the road again! Here’s the schedule for my April plans in 2022. I’ll be updating May in the near future. The beginning of the 2022 season will start with 4 big trips in the first two months! Opening weekend will be in MemphisContinue reading “April 2022 Schedule Announcement”

Iowa Heartlanders Inaugural Season: 2021-2022

It’s been a while since my last post, and I’ve been spending the baseball off season going to hockey games. I used to go to a few Dallas Stars games every season when I was in Dallas, and I really enjoy the sport. This year, a new team has been playing in their inaugural season,Continue reading “Iowa Heartlanders Inaugural Season: 2021-2022”

Field Of Dreams: November 2021

Over the weekend, I visited one of my favorite places. I mentioned in the Field Of Dreams Game post that I usually visit the Field of Dreams once a year during the National Farm Toy Show. That show was last weekend, and I had a blast getting some Christmas shopping done, and visiting one ofContinue reading “Field Of Dreams: November 2021”

Atlanta Braves Vs LA Dodgers: NLCS Game 1 10/16/21

Before I get started with the full post, I would like to say that if you’re on the fence about possibly attending game 6 or a potential game 7 in Atlanta, you will have zero regrets about buying a ticket. This is baseball at it’s best. This post will be my last game of theContinue reading “Atlanta Braves Vs LA Dodgers: NLCS Game 1 10/16/21”

Game 2 NLDS: Brewers Vs Braves 10/9/21

I’m back with more playoff baseball! Last weekend, I was able to go to Milwaukee, and see game 2 of the NLDS between the Brewers and Braves. This is my third time visiting American Family Field (former Miller Park.) This stadium is one of my top favorites. There is a great fan base in Milwaukee,Continue reading “Game 2 NLDS: Brewers Vs Braves 10/9/21”