On This Day: 2015

On this day in 2015, I was one of 27,508 people at Turner Field. This was one of a few games I took in at this beautiful stadium in 2015. This stadium had such a different feeling. It might’ve been the stage of my life I was in at the tine, or the atmosphere ofContinue reading “On This Day: 2015”

Updated 2021 Schedule

When I created my first 2021 summer schedule, I mentioned that it would be tentative. Things have already changed though, and I wanted to keep everyone updated on those changes. I completely forgot about Father’s Day on the first schedule, and another family thing came up in July. These things caused a few changes, butContinue reading “Updated 2021 Schedule”

5/31/21: No Place Like Home

Baseball is back in my hometown. This was a moment we weren’t sure of for a while, but it’s back. As I’ve mentioned before, our team was one of the contracted teams from MILB, but were back. Opening night was scheduled for Thursday, but Mother Nature said not yet. When I was in Wisconsin, IContinue reading “5/31/21: No Place Like Home”

Memorial Weekend 2021: Hayward, WI

I have another post that isn’t baseball/ballpark related, but one of my favorite places to take a trip to. When I was a kid, I went to Hayward many times. When the pandemic hit in 2020, it was my first time going back since I was 16 years old. I ended up going back anotherContinue reading “Memorial Weekend 2021: Hayward, WI”

On this day: 2019, St Louis

Part 2 of the trip was In St. Louis in the 2019 Memorial weekend trip. We drove a lot on this trip, and we started to get burned out at this point. The weather also started getting very hot. This was my first time to St Louis, and I love the stadium. If you enjoyContinue reading “On this day: 2019, St Louis”

5/22/21: Gary Southshore Railcats Vs Houston Apollos

What a game it was for seeing my first American Association game! This game reassured me that the game of baseball is still alive and well. With all of the rule changes, contraction, and everything else happening in affiliated baseball, I thought the old baseball most of us loved was gone. This game proved theContinue reading “5/22/21: Gary Southshore Railcats Vs Houston Apollos”

On This Day: 2015

The Greenville Drive always knew how to put on a great fireworks show. It was by far one of my most favorite things about their stadium. I had the opportunity to see a lot of games there, and I always loved it on the weekends. If anyone is ever close to Greenville, SC, I highlyContinue reading “On This Day: 2015”

Arkansas Travelers: Little Rock, AR 5/15/2021

Back in the beginning of April, I began planning a weekend trip to Little Rock to visit my friend in the Air Force. Little did we know, this week would be a turning point with the pandemic. When I got the tickets to the game just a few days before the game, there was stillContinue reading “Arkansas Travelers: Little Rock, AR 5/15/2021”