Weekend Of 7/10/21: “A League Of Their Own”

Wow, what a weekend it’s been! I knew this weekend would be a big one, but Mother Nature made sure to make it even more exciting. Saturday started off as an uncertain day. I watched the radar very close, and assumed that Saturday was an all or nothing type of day. It was looking likeContinue reading “Weekend Of 7/10/21: “A League Of Their Own””

Waterloo Bucks Vs Willmar Stingers: 7/3/2021

I’m back with another stadium to share, and this is one of my most favorite stadiums! I’ve been to Riverfront Stadium many times, and it was one of my first replica stadiums I created on MLB The Show. My first game at Riverfront Stadium was back in 2012. From there, I ended up in WaterlooContinue reading “Waterloo Bucks Vs Willmar Stingers: 7/3/2021”

6/26/21: Quincy Gems Vs Clinton Lumberkings

Before we get started with this post, I have some new exciting things to share with everyone today. Thanks to my Twitch supporters and Amazon Prime Day, I made a big upgrade for my blog posts! I’ll be traveling with my new GoPro camera, and sharing my blog in more detail. It’s been a fewContinue reading “6/26/21: Quincy Gems Vs Clinton Lumberkings”

6/19/2021: Madison Mallards Vs Fond Du Lac Dock Spiders

This weekend looks a little different compared to last. Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there! After going to 3 games in 3 days, I decided to attend one game this weekend. I made it worth it though, with a great stadium to share with everyone! I was a little undecided atContinue reading “6/19/2021: Madison Mallards Vs Fond Du Lac Dock Spiders”

6/14/2021: Kane County Cougars vs Sioux City Explorers

I want to start out this post by saying that every time I go to one of these American Association games, I feel refreshed about baseball. After the first game I went to, I doubled down on committing to attending more games. I absolutely cannot wait to attend more of these. You won’t see meContinue reading “6/14/2021: Kane County Cougars vs Sioux City Explorers”

6/14/2021: Springfield Sliders vs Normal Cornbelters

When I pulled up to the stadium, I felt like I went back in time. While I’ll be making posts about a variety of stadiums this year, these are the types of stadiums I’m most excited to share with everyone this year. Robin Roberts Stadium originally opened in 1928. Since then, it’s been home toContinue reading “6/14/2021: Springfield Sliders vs Normal Cornbelters”

6/12/21: Normal Cornbelters vs Quincy Gems

I’m excited to share my first post of the weekend. This is my first weekend of traveling to multiple games! I have 3 games on the schedule for this weekend, as long as the weather is good. Game one was a little different than what I was expecting. I showed up about 30 minutes beforeContinue reading “6/12/21: Normal Cornbelters vs Quincy Gems”

6/4/2021 Clinton Lumberkings Vs Quincy Gems

It was perfect weather for a Friday Night game at home. I was off work a little early, and wanted to check out another game at home. Where I live, going to the game isn’t just something to do in town, but it’s the biggest thing to do in town. I got to the gameContinue reading “6/4/2021 Clinton Lumberkings Vs Quincy Gems”

Updated 2021 Schedule

When I created my first 2021 summer schedule, I mentioned that it would be tentative. Things have already changed though, and I wanted to keep everyone updated on those changes. I completely forgot about Father’s Day on the first schedule, and another family thing came up in July. These things caused a few changes, butContinue reading “Updated 2021 Schedule”

5/31/21: No Place Like Home

Baseball is back in my hometown. This was a moment we weren’t sure of for a while, but it’s back. As I’ve mentioned before, our team was one of the contracted teams from MILB, but were back. Opening night was scheduled for Thursday, but Mother Nature said not yet. When I was in Wisconsin, IContinue reading “5/31/21: No Place Like Home”