5/22/21: Gary Southshore Railcats Vs Houston Apollos

What a game it was for seeing my first American Association game! This game reassured me that the game of baseball is still alive and well. With all of the rule changes, contraction, and everything else happening in affiliated baseball, I thought the old baseball most of us loved was gone. This game proved theContinue reading “5/22/21: Gary Southshore Railcats Vs Houston Apollos”

Arkansas Travelers: Little Rock, AR 5/15/2021

Back in the beginning of April, I began planning a weekend trip to Little Rock to visit my friend in the Air Force. Little did we know, this week would be a turning point with the pandemic. When I got the tickets to the game just a few days before the game, there was stillContinue reading “Arkansas Travelers: Little Rock, AR 5/15/2021”

First Game Of 2021

Today marks a special day. It’s the first time I’ve been to a sporting event since February of 2020! I went to the same place as where I went to my last sporting event, The University Of Iowa. In 2020, I attended a wrestling meet before COVID shut everything down. Today, it was all aboutContinue reading “First Game Of 2021”