A Day In Washington DC

It was a very successful day on day 3 of the Washington DC trip. After exploring Alexandria, Nationals Park, and George Washington’s Mount Vernon Mansion, it was finally time to check out all of the big places in Washington DC. In my previous post, I mentioned that I decided to wait until there was aContinue reading “A Day In Washington DC”

George Washington’s Mount Vernon Mansion: 5/11/22

I mentioned in my last post that I did something different besides exploring the city before the Nationals game. This was the perfect thing to do with plenty of time before going to the game! Although there is a lot of walking, there was enough time to go back to the hotel and sit downContinue reading “George Washington’s Mount Vernon Mansion: 5/11/22”

Opening Weekend Game Two: Nashville Predators VS Florida Panthers 4/9/2022

As some of you may have seen, my offseason consisted of going to a lot of hockey games, and it made the baseball offseason go by very fast. Before planning this trip, I almost went to Nashville for the Stadium Series game at the end of February. I decided to wait, and ended up planningContinue reading “Opening Weekend Game Two: Nashville Predators VS Florida Panthers 4/9/2022”

Iowa Heartlanders Inaugural Season: 2021-2022

It’s been a while since my last post, and I’ve been spending the baseball off season going to hockey games. I used to go to a few Dallas Stars games every season when I was in Dallas, and I really enjoy the sport. This year, a new team has been playing in their inaugural season,Continue reading “Iowa Heartlanders Inaugural Season: 2021-2022”

Dallas Cowboys Vs Jacksonville Jaguars 8/29/21: My first NFL Game

It’s been an exciting weekend, and we topped it all off by going to my first NFL game! I was a couple hours away from the DFW area with family, so I headed back to Arlington early Sunday morning. I wasn’t sure to be more excited for this game, or the Rangers game. As aContinue reading “Dallas Cowboys Vs Jacksonville Jaguars 8/29/21: My first NFL Game”

6/14/2021: Springfield, IL: Before The Game

I mentioned in my last post that I recommend The Corn Crib to mix in with a trip to other ballparks. Sunday was the perfect example of that! Sunday I woke up at the hotel, ate lunch, and left for Springfield. The game wasn’t until later in the day, and that was perfect for myContinue reading “6/14/2021: Springfield, IL: Before The Game”

Memorial Weekend 2021: Hayward, WI

I have another post that isn’t baseball/ballpark related, but one of my favorite places to take a trip to. When I was a kid, I went to Hayward many times. When the pandemic hit in 2020, it was my first time going back since I was 16 years old. I ended up going back anotherContinue reading “Memorial Weekend 2021: Hayward, WI”