6/26/21: Quincy Gems Vs Clinton Lumberkings

Before we get started with this post, I have some new exciting things to share with everyone today. Thanks to my Twitch supporters and Amazon Prime Day, I made a big upgrade for my blog posts! I’ll be traveling with my new GoPro camera, and sharing my blog in more detail. It’s been a fewContinue reading “6/26/21: Quincy Gems Vs Clinton Lumberkings”

6/14/2021: Kane County Cougars vs Sioux City Explorers

I want to start out this post by saying that every time I go to one of these American Association games, I feel refreshed about baseball. After the first game I went to, I doubled down on committing to attending more games. I absolutely cannot wait to attend more of these. You won’t see meContinue reading “6/14/2021: Kane County Cougars vs Sioux City Explorers”

6/14/2021: Springfield Sliders vs Normal Cornbelters

When I pulled up to the stadium, I felt like I went back in time. While I’ll be making posts about a variety of stadiums this year, these are the types of stadiums I’m most excited to share with everyone this year. Robin Roberts Stadium originally opened in 1928. Since then, it’s been home toContinue reading “6/14/2021: Springfield Sliders vs Normal Cornbelters”

6/14/2021: Springfield, IL: Before The Game

I mentioned in my last post that I recommend The Corn Crib to mix in with a trip to other ballparks. Sunday was the perfect example of that! Sunday I woke up at the hotel, ate lunch, and left for Springfield. The game wasn’t until later in the day, and that was perfect for myContinue reading “6/14/2021: Springfield, IL: Before The Game”

6/12/21: Normal Cornbelters vs Quincy Gems

I’m excited to share my first post of the weekend. This is my first weekend of traveling to multiple games! I have 3 games on the schedule for this weekend, as long as the weather is good. Game one was a little different than what I was expecting. I showed up about 30 minutes beforeContinue reading “6/12/21: Normal Cornbelters vs Quincy Gems”