“Bull Durham” Durham Bulls Vs Memphis Redbirds: 5/1/22

Game 2 of my weekend in North Carolina was spent at one of the Cities I’ve always wanted to see. The movie Bull Durham was known for being one of the biggest impacts on the minor league sports industry, and I finally got the opportunity to see where it was filmed. Since I was stayingContinue reading ““Bull Durham” Durham Bulls Vs Memphis Redbirds: 5/1/22″

Opening Weekend Game Three: Nashville Sounds Vs Durham Bulls 4/10/2022

If I looked like I had no idea how to predict the April weather on Friday, then I looked like a complete genius on Sunday. What a difference two days made! It was the most beautiful day for a baseball game in Nashville, TN, and I was late to the game. Somehow, I misread theContinue reading “Opening Weekend Game Three: Nashville Sounds Vs Durham Bulls 4/10/2022”

On This Day: 2015

The Greenville Drive always knew how to put on a great fireworks show. It was by far one of my most favorite things about their stadium. I had the opportunity to see a lot of games there, and I always loved it on the weekends. If anyone is ever close to Greenville, SC, I highlyContinue reading “On This Day: 2015”

Arkansas Travelers: Little Rock, AR 5/15/2021

Back in the beginning of April, I began planning a weekend trip to Little Rock to visit my friend in the Air Force. Little did we know, this week would be a turning point with the pandemic. When I got the tickets to the game just a few days before the game, there was stillContinue reading “Arkansas Travelers: Little Rock, AR 5/15/2021”