Opening Weekend Game Two: Nashville Predators VS Florida Panthers 4/9/2022

As some of you may have seen, my offseason consisted of going to a lot of hockey games, and it made the baseball offseason go by very fast. Before planning this trip, I almost went to Nashville for the Stadium Series game at the end of February. I decided to wait, and ended up planningContinue reading “Opening Weekend Game Two: Nashville Predators VS Florida Panthers 4/9/2022”

Iowa Heartlanders Inaugural Season: 2021-2022

It’s been a while since my last post, and I’ve been spending the baseball off season going to hockey games. I used to go to a few Dallas Stars games every season when I was in Dallas, and I really enjoy the sport. This year, a new team has been playing in their inaugural season,Continue reading “Iowa Heartlanders Inaugural Season: 2021-2022”