A Day In Washington DC

It was a very successful day on day 3 of the Washington DC trip. After exploring Alexandria, Nationals Park, and George Washington’s Mount Vernon Mansion, it was finally time to check out all of the big places in Washington DC. In my previous post, I mentioned that I decided to wait until there was aContinue reading “A Day In Washington DC”

George Washington’s Mount Vernon Mansion: 5/11/22

I mentioned in my last post that I did something different besides exploring the city before the Nationals game. This was the perfect thing to do with plenty of time before going to the game! Although there is a lot of walking, there was enough time to go back to the hotel and sit downContinue reading “George Washington’s Mount Vernon Mansion: 5/11/22”

8/7/21: The End Of A Hard Fought Season

Just like that the end of the college summer baseball season is upon us. The Prospect League playoffs are here, and most of the other leagues are wrapping things up also. I think the Northwoods League still has one week to go, but I don’t have plans to visit anymore stadiums at the collegiate level.Continue reading “8/7/21: The End Of A Hard Fought Season”